The basics of a permanent well abandonment (PWA) operation will vary little whether the well is on land or offshore. You begin by removing the completion or production string, then set the necessary plugs and cement barriers at specified depths across the producing and water-bearing zones to act as permanent barriers.

MA-ES’s Well Services focus to provide the safest, efficient and most cost-effective plug and abandonment services. MA-ES’s personnel are experts with more than 25 years of experience that have the capability in achieving any of your abandonment goals.

MA-ES can also perform rig less temporary abandonment services to prepare your well for side track or major rig re-completion projects saving time and money over using a rig to perform these services. Permanent abandonment will also be design and execute by our expert with more than 25 years experiences.

          -> Zonal abandonment trough cement squeeze

           or plug setting

          -> Cutting and removing tubular: Tubing/Casing

          -> Balanced cement plugs setting

Setting surface plugs