MALEGA ENERGY SERVICE offer a complete Completion Production Services by providing the equipment and personnel you need during completion design, field development production and abandonment. The experience and knowledge of our well completion experts ensures that engineering completion is achieved with the aim of production optimization. To help achieving your aim:

         -> We select;

         -> We design;

         -> We execute.


MA-ES Work over services Includes well servicing rigs used to provide a variety of well completion, work over and intervention services including completions installations, sidetracking of wells and support for perforating operations. Rig less service to provide intervention in land application.


MA-ES focuses on providing high service quality to meet or exceed customer expectations whilst remaining economically competitive. Improved service quality increases profitability and long term economic competitiveness. We achieve this improvement by improving operational processes; identifying problems quickly and systematically; establishing valid and reliable service performance measures and measuring customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes.


MA-ES Completion service will also assist you with in providing completion accessories equipments (X-over, Nipple, coupling pup joint etc…. and will assist you from the Workshop completion equipments preparation (QA QC, Assembly Make up and pressure test) under the API standards and safety up to the onsite installation and supervision.