Drilling Services is a stockist and distributor of a wide range of oilfield products from mud pumps, BOPs and drill collars to fishing and downhole tools, for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries worldwide. In order to meet ever-changing customer requirements and the rigorous, demanding nature of the industry, Drilling Services can offer a tailored total supply package – supplying a single item to full projects, and individual supply to contract agreements.

MA-ES drilling along with its experts of more than 30 years experience in various well types from HPHT deep water wells to land pre-salt wells will provide you with all the relevant and the most cost effective solution for your well drilling engineering:

  •           -> Well construction design
  •           -> Casing design
  •           -> Drilling program
  •           -> Well Trajectories

MA-ES Drilling will also provides you with high quality rental tools for down hole assembly application.

  •           -> Bottom hole assembly rental equipment
  •           -> Stabilizers
  •           -> Hole openers
  •           -> Drill collars
  •           -> Mills
  •           -> Pneumatic mud buckets
  •           -> Reamers