Slick Lines

MA-ES Slick line Services has set the standard for quality, reliability and technical knowledge. Our team of professionals is dedicated to improving solutions that enhance MA-ES’s customers’ well production. MA-ES slick line equipment and tools comprise one of the largest and best-maintained inventories in the United States.

MA-ES provides a wide range of slick and braided line applications available 24 hours a day in anticipation of every customer need onshore and offshore.

  • Bottom hole pressure/temperature surveys
  • Production logging
  • Specialized fishing operations
  • Sand bailing
  • Dump bailing
  • Paraffin cutting
  • Swabbing
  • Locating and packing off holes and leaks
  • Chipping deposits
  • Setting and plugging of safety devices
  • Artificial lift work
  • Perforation
  • Shifting sliding sleeves